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Identify your business’ opportunities so you can take better decisions at the right time.

Elemetrica integrates with your POS system to uncover actionable insights that will help you make better decisions.
elemetrica extrae los datos de tu Software Administrativo (POS) y te ofrece analisis para aumentar ventas

Companies that analize their sales data with Elemetrica

Miga's Cafe es cliente de Elemétrica
Ama de Casa es cliente de Elemétrica
Hard Rock Cafe Caracas es cliente de Elemétrica
O Boticário es cliente de Elemétrica
TuDescuenton es cliente de Elemétrica
licoteca es cliente de Elemétrica
yogen fruz es cliente de Elemétrica
optica caroni es cliente de Elemétrica
Análisis de presencia de artículos y unidades en facturas

Your cocktails are present on 35% of your tickets

Know your product presence on your tickets and understand which you should sell as a complement.

Análisis de consumo promedio por facturas

Your average ticket price increased 10% this week

Your tickets say a lot about your sales and your customer buying behavior. Get insights on your average tickets and put your sales growth strategies to work.

Análisis de recurrencia de clientes en el negocio

61% of this month’s visits came from new customers

Word is spreading! Plan your sales strategy with an accurate recurring client analysis based on their sales behavior data.

Visualización y monitoreo de ventas de varios negocios en tiempo real

Multiple businesses?

Every relevant information about your businesses will be in a single screen, in real-time. Always.

Análisis de comportamiento de ventas del negocio

Last Friday was your best day in sales

Understand your sales performance on any day, month, or year. Get more insights by analyzing your best or worst schedules.

Aplicación móvil para analizar datos del negocio, de forma remota y en tiempo real

Your business carries on, even if you’re not there

Going to a meeting? Busy day? On a trip? You’ll still be able to see every sales and analysis from our app. Anywhere. Anytime.






Processed Tickets

What our clients say about us

Testimonio de Víctor Hernández de Hard Rock Cafe Caracas sobre Elemétrica
"Thanks to Elemetrica, mi managers and partners are in constant communication. Easy access to our business information let us make decisions and in a very timely manner".
Víctor Hernández
Hard Rock Cafe Caracas
Testimonio de Carlos Monteverde de Burger Shack sobre Elemétrica
"With Elemetrica we can know ticket presence of our products and categories. This has helped us plan cross-selling strategies in order to increase the total amount of our average ticket price".
Carlos Monteverde
Burger Shack
Testimonio de Carlos Dominguez de Ama de Casa sobre Elemétrica
"Elemetrica allows me to easily analyze my company’s KPI from anywhere. It manages to put a very valuable information on my hands, while helping me to make decisions in a very smooth way".
Carlos Domínguez
Gerente General - Ama de Casa
Testimonio de Ricardo Mibelli de Carbon y Leña sobre Elemétrica
"Elemétrica simplifies our business’ understanding and guided us to reach our planned objectives".
Ricardo Mibelli
Dueño - Carbón y Leña
Testimonio de Gustavo Rivas de Rocket Car Wash sobre Elemétrica
"Elemetrica allowed us to measure our business in real time with key data. A very easy to use and nice interface".
Gustavo Rivas
Socio - Rocket Car Wash

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